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    Membership Application:

    A person wishing to join the marina as a new member must complete an application directly on line or download and submit it in a pdf format to Should the application be accepted, in addition of the docking fees, the applicant must pay a one-time non refundable membership fee of $1,200 which will be valid as long as the applicant remains a member of the marina. Please refer to the price list under the list of documents for docking and other fees.

    The membership application must include a PDF copy of a valid boat insurance policy and the Transport Canada registration certificate. Please note that docking charges are based on the length of the boat or the dock, whichever is longer.

    The payment options are:

    1. Cheque or money order payable to Marina de Hull;

    2. Credit (Visa, MasterCard) or debit card (Between May 15 and October 15); or

    3. Electronic transfer payable to

    Note: A cheque or money order can be hand delivered to the marina during business hours or mailed to: Marina de Hull, PO Box 1004, Succ. B, Gatineau, Quebec, J8X 3X5.

    Sign up to the waiting list:

    A duly completed application must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of $100. The $100 registration fee will be applied to the first docking fee upon availability. The payment options are the same as above under New Members.

    Slip Renewal Request (Active Members):

    Members wishing to renew their slip for the following year must select and apply their payment option from the table below. Be advised that the $500 deposit due on November 1st is not refundable under any circumstances and that the balance of the docking fees due on March 15th may be refundable under certain conditions. Please refer to Article 11 of the Regulations for further details.

    Payment Options for Renewal Application:

    Cheque or money order

    Deadline September 15
    • Payable to Marina de Hull
    • Submit the Renewal Application form to
    • Two cheques or money orders at the latest Septembre 15
    • $500 – First cheque or money order dated November 1
    • Balance – Second cheque or money order dated March 15
    • Hand deliver to the marina (payments and Renewal Application form) or
    • Mail both cheques or money orders and Renewal Application form to Marina de Hull, C.P. 1004, Succ. B, Gatineau, Québec, J8X 3X5

    Credit or debit card

    Deadline May 15 to October 15
    • Payable to Marina de Hull
    • Submit the Renewal Application form to
    • Credit card or debit
    • Payable between May 15 and October 15
    • The total amount for the docking fees must be paid in the one transaction at the latest October 15
    • This payment is for the subsequent year only


    Deadline November 1 and March 15
    • Payable to
    • Submit the Renewal Application form to
    • $500 – First installment paid at the latest November 1
    • Balance – Second installment for the balance of the account paid at the latest March 15

    Note: $100 plus 1.5% per month penalty for late payments and incomplete applications.

    Map of the Hull marina

    More and more docks!

    160 slips are currently offered to our members including 20 slips reserved for tourists

    Plan marina de Hull
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